History and Short Profile

Point Blank is a laboratory specializing in interactive and print applications, created in 2003.

We are dedicated to designing and implementing rich media applications, website and printed works. We offer high quality solutions, especially adapted to the individual needs of our clients. Though our headquarters are based in Thessaloniki, our client base extends to the whole of Greece as well as selected european countries. 

The team includes computer scientists specializing in human-centered computer systems, interactive programming and web technologies. Our visual and concept team includes graphic and web designers with years of experience on interactive design.

Point Blank follows closely the advances in interactive technologies and online communication. Our philosophy when designing and implementing our applications is based on two principles: on one hand, we aim to deliver visual and functional perfection, while on the other hand we use cutting-edge technologies in order to adapt perfectly to each individual customer's communication needs in the online space. 

We firmly believe that the future of online communication is interactive, social and dynamic, and we work to guarantee this future for our clients. 

Point Blank counts with extensive experience and know-how on digital communication, and we strive to create usable and impressive digital applications that maximize the investment of our clients. 

Sotiris Gekas

Graphic - Web Designer

Kostas Kourakis

Interaction Developer

Stelios Kourakis

Interaction Developer

David Bash

Web Developer

Iro Palampougiouki

Front-end Developer

Anna Varoucha

Art Director

Nasos Baxevanis

Project Manager


T + F: 2310 522 587

Olympiou Diamanti 20
PO Box 546 26 Thessaloniki

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