Thessaloniki Graphic Design 1980-2009 - An Anthology

The creative agency Red Creative celebrates twenty years in the realm of visual communication. For the occasion, they created the edition of  «Thessaloniki Graphic Design 1980-2009 - An Anthology». The edition attempts to map printed graphic design in Thessaloniki over the last decades, and will be complemented by an exhibition of poster design by local agencies as well as a day of talks on graphic theory and practice.

The edition as well as the poster exhibition include works by Point Blank.

Poster Exhibition: Thessaloniki Graphic Design 1980-2009
9-12 December 2010, 11:00-19:00
Thessaloniki Center of Modern Art, Warehouse B1, Docks.

Free entrance.


T + F: 2310 522 587

Olympiou Diamanti 20
PO Box 546 26 Thessaloniki

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