Point Blank in Quito, Ecuador to present Responsive Design

From March 1st to 3rd, 2012, Stelios Kourakis was invited to Quito, the capital of Ecuador, to present a seminar on web design based on the Responsive Design methodology. The seminar "Encuentro Vertice" is an initiative of the San Francisco de Quito University, aiming to present a series of cutting-edge topics on Design, Animation and Digital Arts. Specialists from Canada, Italy and Greece were invited to present a series of topics on the above-mentioned areas to students as well as academics and professionals. 

The presentation of Stelios Kourakis had a total duration of six hours, divided into four sections. The first section described the rise of smartphones and mobile devices in information consumption and analysed the new opportunities, constraints and approaches on designing interactive experiences that go beyond the desktop computer and embrace the new devices. The second unit presented the main principles of the Responsive Design methodology on a theoretical level, analysing the new design philosophy based on a mobile-first, progressive enhancement approach. The final two units covered a practical tutorial, presenting the audience with the practice of producing, designing and coding a responsive web page, starting from the concept and reaching all the way to the final CSS of the end result.

The seminar was termed to be a great success, creating a high amount of interest and lots of discussions on the topic among the 170 participants. We extend our gratitude to the organising committee and especially to prof. Romina Carrasco for her invitation, and we hope to have more chances for similar encounters!

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