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also known as the "Babel Festival"

The website of the International Comics Festival, or Babel Festival as it is commonly known, is now online!

Point Blank designed and developed the website after encouragement from the festival's project manager Anna Varoucha who is also an integral member of our team. We gladly accepted her invitation and based on her ideas we worked with excitement, knowing full well the challenges and expanse of such and undertaking. The website was to be the mirror to represent the history of comics and their creators in Greece since 1996. 

This dynamic website aims to shed light onot the wealth and breadth of this effort, through the events of each of the 13 festivals that have take place until today. A multi-form, usable historical archive accessible both to the simple visitor as well as the comic lover or investigator. Rich in informational content, the website offers bios, interviews of comic artists, a press archive, media material from the exhibitions and parallel activities. 

We proceeded to develop this website without remuneration, considering that solidarity to social and cultural efforts is essential in the difficult economic times of our era, hoping in parallel that the existence of this website will contribute to the realization of more festivals in the years to come.

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