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Seminar Presentation.

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The web portal of Aula Barcelona is a platform for the dissemination of infromation, allowing visitors to experience a series of seminars and events carried out by the College of Architects and Urban Planners.

The system offers a complete solution that starts from the real-time recording of the seminars, proposing a complete workflow for post-production and expert editing and upload. The aim of the system is to allow visitors to experience the activities of the Council with a high fidelity.

The central subsystem of the application is the seminars visualizer. Visitors to the web portal can choose the activity that interests them from a centralized list. Each activity is composed of the original seminar video, subtitles in two languages, support for automated audio translation and synchronization of the slideshow presentation used during the seminar.

All audiovisual material is synchronized as it was initially presented, offering the visitors an experience that closely matches being physically present in the activity. Transcripts of the event as well as a file with the slideshow presentation are generally available for download.

Apart from the visualization subsystem, the application offers a full range of accompanying tools that intend to cover all needs of recording and post-processing. A specialized application covers real-time recording and mixing, connected to two cameras and two sound systems (original audio plus real-time translation). The system offers tools to synchronise all audiovisual material.

A second subsystem is used for mixing and post-production, while a third subsystem is used to allow expert editing of the content (separation into contextual segments, orator information and meta-data).

The project was implemented under comission of Barcelona Media Foundation of Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain. Apart from Stelios Kourakis who programmed the application in Flash, other participants include J.Ignasi Ribas, Josep M.Ganyet, Anibal Estrella and Joan Soler.

Seminar Presentation.

Seminar Presentation. The timeline shows the change of speakers as well as the seminar chapters.

Recording Tool.

Recording Tool. Allows for real-time mixing from the connected cameras as well as the insertion of cuepoints.

Synchronization Tool.

Synchronization Tool. It is used to correct possible imperfections in slideshow and video synchronization, post-recording.

Sound and video synchronization tool.

Sound and video synchronization tool.


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