Christakis & Associates Construction Company

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Christakis & Associates is a construction company that has been working, for more than three decades now in the design and construction of luxury dwellings in organized residential complexes as well as with the creation of demanding professional buildings. Through the new website, the user can have a full perspective of the company’s projects. 
The visual design of the site is consistent with the luxurious character of the company's projects. The site includes a detailed presentation of residential and / or commercial properties for sale, while giving the user the opportunity to filter properties by type or location.  
Christakis & Associates website was designed using the RDW (Responsive Web Design) approach, since its content is properly presented by all mobile devices screens, providing a rich navigation experience.
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T + F: 2310 522 587

Olympiou Diamanti 20
PO Box 546 26 Thessaloniki

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