Corona Extra

Main screen. All items on the scenery correspond to the different navigation opt

Refreshing interactive corporate presentation

The greek website for the beer Corona Extra transports us to an idyllic summer environment.

The visitors choose their sex, and their alter ego is transported on a sunbed by the beach waves. The elements on the beach and the side table are used as the navigation menu, with books offering textual content, the camera presenting audiovisual material while the rest of the elements lead to different sections of importance.

The corporate events section allows the visitor to grasp the pen marker and jot down their personalised message on the event, that they can later share with friends via email or post it to their facebook wall with a click of a button.

Unique hilight of the website is the Me & the Beach section, the site's first game. After starting on a mostly empty beach, the visitor can  choose the beach type and add a series of elements to the scenery, composing their ideal beach. Characters can also be added to the scenery, where the visitor can upload photos of themselves and their friends, either using locally stored images or via their webcam. The completed composition can be stored as an image, or it can be sent via mail or facebook to their friends.

The project was designed by advertisement agency Frank. Point Blank implemented the site in Flash, using Drupal as the supportive back-end.

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The camera leads to the audiovisual material.

The camera leads to the audiovisual material.

The news section is represented as a newspaper.

The news section is represented as a newspaper.

The available downloads.

The available downloads.

Composing a beach.

Composing a beach


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Olympiou Diamanti 20
PO Box 546 26 Thessaloniki

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