CTY Greece at Anatolia College

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A new website has been launched for the CTY Greece programme (Center For Talented Youth) of Anatolia College. CTY Greece at Anatolia College is the culmination of the partnership of Anatolia College, the Johns Hopkins University in the USA and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, all came together to establish a center that is unique in Greece and Southeastern Europe. 
Responding to the needs of an educational community, we designed and developed a fresh, modern and fully functional website for CTY Greece. We invested in the design and the usability of the website, in order to become attractive, easy to use and fully informative for both students and their families. Through different content types, the website presents the program, courses, teachers, the campus, but also ways that students can attend the program. The structure and content of the website focus on generating students’ interest and this is the reason why we have incorporated the call for action in all its pages, asking for potential candidates to register online.
CTY Greece website was designed using the RDW (Responsive Web Design) approach, since its content is properly presented by all mobile devices screens, providing a rich navigation experience. 
Visit Website - http://www.cty-greece.gr/en


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