Crowdfunding microsite for CTY Greece

The website #ForTheBright is developed to support a crowdfunding campaign. Donations will be used as scholarships for talented students qualified to attend CTY (Center for Talented Youth) Greece program, of Anatolia College. CTY Greece at Anatolia College is the culmination of the partnership of Anatolia College, the Johns Hopkins University in the USA and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, all came together to establish a center that is unique in Greece and Southeastern Europe. 

For the purposes of the crowdfunding campaign, we developed a one page website with modern design and easy navigation. The website is presenting the organizations behind the program, the program itself and the campaign’s objectives, answering to the visitor’s question why to donate. 
To further promote the crowdfunding initiative, we created a custom indicator of the current donation amount, using a test tube that fills up as the donation amounts increase.
The donation form which is initially hidden from the display, is made visible with a smooth animation effect when the user clicks on the donate button.
Visit Website - http://forthebright.gr


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