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Initial screen of the application

Contest via Facebook

On June 1st, our first big Facebook project went online: "Make your own" is an online contest that allows participants to win a modern PITSOS refrigerator with their own image printed in the front panel. 

Any user with a Facebook profile can take part in the contest. The users choose an image of their liking and adapt it appropriately on the front panel of a PITSOS fridge. All submissions are publically available for voting via Facebook likes. At the end of each of the contest phases, the submission with the greatest number of accumulated likes wins the fridge with their image printed on it!

The application is based on a potent mix of technologies. The composition and submission creation tool was implemented in Flash. The bridging of the application with the Facebook platform utilises a Drupal back-end, adequately adapted to administer submissions, follow the progress of likes accumulation as well as offer the necessary tools to moderate inappropriate submissions.

The contest was designed and developed by Point Blank for PITSOS home devices. In the context of a complete solution we were also responsible for carrying out an advertisement campaign inside Facebook. 

The contest began with force, likes are coming in fast and we expect a hot month... The contest will run until the end of June. 

Update: with the contest having run its full course during June, we can now present you with some interesting numbers on the visibility and traffic of the application. During the 30 days the contest lasted, it attracted:
  • 20 thousand users of the application
  • 22 thousand contest entries
  • around 7000 likes on the fan page

while Facebook recorded the creation of 160 thousand units of content (submissions, comments, shares, wall posts) around the application.

Though there are no more rewards to be given out, the application will remain live for a third phase during the month of July, allowing our users to keep experimenting.

Finally, we present a short video that briefly details the way the application works.


Visit Website - http://www.facebook.com/pitsos.gr
Contest composition with the image manipulation tools

Contest composition with the image manipulation tools

One page of contest entries.

One page of contest entries.


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