The school you want is in your hands

Introduction to the application

Facebook contest for Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon (Hellenic Bottling Company) in association with municipalities of the Thessaloniki metropolitan area organise the contest "The school you want is in your hands!" Fourteen schools of the city that show structural or other problems have been selected and put to the vote to the Facebook public. The school that gathers the most votes during the one-month duration of the event will be renovated at the expense of Coca Cola Tria Epsilon, so that it is ready inthe beginning of the school season in September.

The application presents the schools in a customized map powered by Google Maps, while the voting mechanism has been implemented independently of the Facebook platform for the best results.

Point Blank designed and developed the application in collaboration with the advertising agency Paramount.

Until July 15th you can participate in the event by voting the schools of your choice. After the event is concluded we will be presenting you with the compiled results.

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Thessaloniki map with the selected schools

Thessaloniki map with the selected schools

School description and votes

School description and votes

Voting results per school

Voting results per school


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