Meetup review: Drupal Day Athens 2016

Meetup review: Drupal Day Athens 2016


The first Drupal Day Athens, a gathering of the local Drupal communities of Greece, took place on Saturday Jan 23rd 2016. The event was a resounding success, with more than 70 participants getting to know each other and share Drupal know-how. Point Blank took part in organizing the event as well as preparing three presentations by Iro Palampougiouki and Kostas Kourakis.

The day's schedule included four interesting presentations, a full-day Drupal 8 training workshop and three lightning talks on greek translation, the community and participation in the Drupal Project. The day concluded with an informal talk on the Drupal community in general. 


The following topics were presented to the participants:

  • Service Container for Drupal Geeks by Achilles Kaloeridis (AchillesKal),
  • Content Staging στο Drupal 8 by Kostas Kourakis (kostask),
  • Css Architecture, BEM - SMACSS (Drupal 8) by Iro Palampougiouki (iro),
  • Drupal 8 Theming by Irene Paliogianni (darketaine).

If you want to view the presentations online, the videos of the event can be accessed at

Kostas Kourakis presenting the Deploy Μodule (Content Staging)

Iro Palampougiouki goes into BEM - SMACSS

Irene Paliogianni gives an introduction to Drupal 8 Theming

Achilles Kaloeridis talks on the Service Container for Drupal Geeks


The training lasted five hours and aimed at introducing newcomers to Drupal 8, covering installation and the basic concepts in Drupal (Content Types, Blocks, Views etc). Bill Seremetis (bserem) and George Pitoulias (gpitoulias) took on this demanding but important task, opening the doors and offering a gentle introduction to the fascinating world of Drupal. 

George Pitoulias and Bill Seremetis coordinating the Drupal 8 Training Workshop

Lightning talks

The last section of the event aimed to cover topics that are important to the greek community. The topics of the three short presentations were:

  • Greek Drupal Translation by Kostas Kourakis (kostask),
  • Greek Drupal Community by Bill Seremetis (bserem),
  • Contributing to Drupal by Thanos Poulitsas (thpoul)

Afterwards we had a chat on the greek community and Drupal 8, with intense participation, questions and answers as well as opinions by most of the participant. 

It was an excellent chance to meet old friends from the community, make new friends as well as meet people in person with whom we have regular online communication but had not had the chance to meet up close. 

We left the Drupal Day having strengthened the bonds between the community, happy to have made acquaintance with many new Drupalistas. With renewed interest, we hope to organize more and bigger Drupal events in Greece in the near future!

We are back at our base and hope to meet again in the next community meetup!

Photos: Thanos Poulitsas