We are 10. We design and implement your digital presence.

Aris Magripis
George Kastanis


We create promotion and communication tools. We emphasize modern, functional design aimed primarily at the person behind the screen and not for the medium conveying the message.


Our technical infrastructure is based on the content management system Drupal, offering us the ideal tools to "work our magic" as well as the confidence that we can cover not only today's needs, but tomorrow's as well. 

Awards and distinctions
2020AwardCSS Design AwardsSite of the DayInstabar
2020AwardAwwwardsMobile ExcellenceInstabar
2020DistinctionAwwwardsHonorable MentionInstabar
2019AwardCSS Design AwardsSite of the DayTerrabites
2019DistinctionAwwwardsHonorable MentionTerrabites
2019AwardGreek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards (EBGE)Merit Konstantopoulos SA "Olymp"
2018AwardAwwwardsSite of the DayKonstantopoulos SA "Olymp"
2018DistinctionCSS Design Awards / Public AwardsSpecial Kudos / Best UI & UX Design, Best InnovationKonstantopoulos SA "Olymp"
2018DistinctionAwwwardsHonorable MentionCworks
2018AwardGreek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards (EBGE)MeritRed Creative
2018DistinctionCSS Design Awards / Public AwardsSpecial Kudos / Best UI & UX Design, Best InnovationSofia Papadopoulou
2017DistinctionAwwwardsHonorable MentionSofia Papadopoulou
2017PublicationMindsparkle MagSite of the DaySofia Papadopoulou
2017AwardGoogle & AwwwardsMobile ExcellenceAstir Vitogiannis Crown Corks
2017DistinctionCSS Design AwardsSpecial KudosAstir Vitogiannis Crown Corks
2017PublicationMindsparkle MagSite of the DayAstir Vitogiannis Crown Corks
2017DistinctionCSS ReelWinner of the DayMichailos & Associates
2017AwardCSS AwardsSite of the DayOlympus Villas
2017PublicationMindsparkle MagSite of the DayOlympus Villas
2017AwardCSS WinnerSite of the DayOlympus Villas
2017DistinctionCSS Design AwardsSpecial KudosOlympus Villas
2017DistinctionΑwwwardsHonorable MentionOlympus Villas
2015PublicationOne Page AwardsGalleryFor The Bright
2015AwardOne Page LoveOne Page Love AwardFor The Bright
2015AwardDigital Media AwardsSilverNoowit
2015PublicationAgro Design - Brand It!Published workPoint Blank
2014AwardErmis AwardsSilverHellenic Shrimp
2014PublicationOde to CodePublished workReligious symbols
2013AwardCSS Design AwardsSite of the DayHellenic Shrimp
2013DistinctionΑwwwardsHonorable MentionHellenic Shrimp
2013DistinctionΑwwwardsHonorable MentionNevris Furs
2013AwardBest CSSSite of the DayNevris Furs
2013AwardOne Page LoveOne Page Love AwardHellenic Shrimp
2013DistinctionGreek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards (EBGE)MeritEmdy "Synchresis"
2012AwardΕ-volution AwardsSocial Media & Interactive Marketing awardPitsos "Create your own"
2011PublicationThessaloniki Graphic Design 1980 - 2009Published workFirst Floor

Participation in the community

The Drupal community is one of the greatest assets of our technology infrastructure. It is a welcoming, tight and active community that is constantly innovating, improving our tools, adding new functionalities and guaranteeing the flawless functioning of the platform.

Point Blank decided from its beginning to be heavily involved in the community. We have a constant presence on the global conferences (DrupalCons), participate with presentations and workshops on the regional conferences (DrupalCamps) and are particularly active in the local Drupal community of Thessaloniki as well as the Greek Drupal community. 

Faithful to the spirit of the Drupal community, we are always eager to share our expertise, welcome and help newcomers to Drupal, aiding Drupal adoption and building networks of potential collaborators.

Trusted by

Goethe Institut
Astir Vitogiannis
Hellas Fin
Tzimas Cosmetics
Verde Accessories
Venus Growers