We offer simple solutions,
to complex challenges.

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Custom Solutions

A client-centered solution is the cornerstone of all our services. Our custom approach serves this mentality. We draw a unique strategy for every client and every project. 

This means that the target market analysis, the identification of the real needs of the target audience, the definition of the communicational goals, the choice of the appropriate cocktail of technologies, the management methodology and quality control are adapted to the needs of the client and the project. 

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User Experience

The key to success for every digital installation is an excellent experience on the part of our visitors. Our work revolves around understanding the end users, their needs, demands, capabilities and restrictions. 

User Experience Design aims to satisfy users by enhancing usability, accessibility and fun that arises from the interaction of the user with the digital product or service. 

It includes research on user needs, analysis and information architecture, flow diagrams, navigation maps, interactive prototype evaluation as well as usability tests.

Our aim is for our end users to feel they receive value from each project we deliver. 

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Content Strategy

Every successful website is accompanied by strong content. An effective content strategy aims to effectively transmit the message and achieve communication goals.

Content strategy analyzes, coordinates and organizes production of texts, graphics and media that will be presented in the website, choosing the approrpiate narrative approach in order to reach an optimal communication result. 

By defining early on the strategy we need to follow, we produce usable and useful content for brand awareness, marketing and SEO purposes.

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Design & UI

Modern, functional ergonomic User Interface Design is an integral element of digital communication.

In a world where the flow of information exceeds the decoding capabilities on part of the receiver, we believe that a simple, clear and consistent design can stand out and be easily understood.

We emphasize effective design that appropriately conveys the communication messages and serves the goals of each project, providing a unique user experience. 

Correct presentation on every device, from smartphones to ultra-high definition desktop displays is already mandatory. The interactive design process faces early on the challenge of designing for the full range of current and upcoming devices. 

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Drupal Development

Drupal is our favourite power tool when it comes to challenging web applications. With more than 15 years of Drupal experience, we’ve built all sorts of complex, integrated, automated solutions.

We love Drupal’s scalable and modular architecture, its best-practice, standards-compliant approach and its unparalleled customizability.

Our Drupal solutions now power European Commission portals and networks, perform automations at European governmental institutions, provide learning management at leading Greek educational organizations and form the integrated backbone of our private sector clients.

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WordPress & WooCommerce

In the realm of online business, WordPress and WooCommerce emerge as the winning formula for achieving success. WordPress, a remarkably versatile content management system, delivers an intuitive user interface and an extensive array of themes and plugins, all fully customizable to your needs. When seamlessly combined with WooCommerce, it evolves into a robust e-commerce platform, streamlining product management, payment processing, and inventory control.

This dynamic partnership provides scalability, top-notch security, and a thriving assortment of extensions, rendering it the perfect solution for businesses of any size. With its SEO-friendly architecture and responsive design, you can expand your reach to a wider audience, ensuring an impeccable presentation and shopping experience for your audience.

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Informational Systems

Special missions. We design and develop custom information management solutions that apply the business logic of each organization and offer powerful automations and review tools, able to cover needs that go beyond the average. Let us discuss what technology can do for you. 

We have extensive experience in bridging our solutions with third party services. We can communicate with banking institutions, ERPs, CRM tools, e-learning platforms and many more modern systems. Our information systems can uniformly manage all data they collect, offering a single gate to management, automation and overview. 

In order to upgrade existing legacy systems, we apply a series of data migration practices able to import into our new systems any kind of ordered, structured information. 

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The future of global commerce. Incredible capabilities in a digital world with demands similar to the real world. It is complex because it demands a change of mentality and infrastructure, but also simple because we have the technical know-how. We have successfully introduced multiple commercial companies to the online world because we adapt our solutions to the business logic of each client. E-commerce is fundamentally a custom approach, as no two companies are positioned in the same way. 

Our administration tools offer the simplicity and automations needed to allow clients to only focus on what is important: attracting new customers and increasing sales.

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Branding & Visual Identity

Creating a corporate identity goes beyond designing a logo. The way we communicate through colors, design principles, typography and photography determine a holistic approach that brings out the character of a product, service or company. 

Branding applies to all materials and media used to effectively promote and memorize the products or services on offer. 

We create modern, interesting, fresh and eye-catchy brands based on the data, needs and goals of each particular client.

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Gaming & Edutainment

We are passionate gamers who wholeheartedly believe in the boundless potential of interactive gaming for learning and entertainment. We understand that entertainment can make education more engaging, immediate, and enjoyable.

Games and gamification experiences can creatively enhance your online presence through various channels. We specialize in providing solutions like contests, communication campaigns, and edutainment games.

Feel free to reach out to us and discover whether the world of gaming is a good candidate for your unique needs.