Drupalcon Barcelona 2015

The annual european conference of the Drupal platform will take place this year in Barcelona. From September 21 - 25, thousands of Drupalistas will have the chance to exchange experience and technical know-how in a conference full of happenings. 

This year’s conference is one of the biggest ever to happen in the community, with more than 130 presentations on a wide range of topics spanning from development and graphic design to project and content management or community contributions. The conference is not limited to the presentations - a full range of community events, code sprints and other activities will give us a chance to educate ourselves, network and participate in the community. 

After four and a half years of development, version 8 of the Drupal platform is almost ready for release. This new version brings forth a slew of important and ambitious novelties that expand even more the capabilities of our infrastructure and allow us to widen the services we provide to our customers. In the conference we will have the opportunity to review the latest developments on Drupal 8 from up close, discuss with the core developers about all the new goodies we expect from this version, and also evaluate the current state of it, considering it will soon form the basis for our future projects. 

As in previous years, Point Blank will be sending a delegation to Barcelona to attend the conference and bring back lots of new technical knowledge and even more ideas, which we look forward to using in our new projects. As soon as we come home, we plan to share our experience in the local Drupal community meetups in Thessaloniki - we will send out an invitation in a future update.