Looking for new developers (June 2022)

Point Blank's team continues to grow. We are looking for new Drupal developers to expand our team and help implement interesting, challenging projects.

Desired skillset

We are looking for people with multiple skills on web technologies:

Drupal developers

Our projects are mainly implemented on Drupal. If you are well-versed in Drupal, we'd like you to participate in the architecture of complex, challenging projects, write modules and twig templates, connect via APIs to third-party systems, write Behat tests, set up our CI/CD pipelines. Even if you are at a junior or mid level, as part of the development team you will get the opportunity to train and increase your skills in the company of the team's more senior members.

Other skills

If you are familiar with data visualisations, especially on Highcharts (for charts) or Leaflet (for maps), we will do wonders together. If you are familiar with Solr or similar technologies, we will utilise your expertise. Have you done Behat testing? Do you know CI/CD? We'll build stellar automated pipelines. 

Experience level

  • As a senior, you will be involved in systems architecture, deliver the most critical or demanding parts and review - guide the work of the less experienced team members. You will be involved in the technical management of the projects and will have a say on the administrative decisions. 
  • As mid level, you will be working under the guidance of the team leads. You will be in a more protected environment so that you can be productive inside your comfort zone. As your skills and confidence increase, you will take on more challenging tasks. 
  • As junior, we invest in your training so that you can quickly become independent. You will need to read a lot and experiment so that you become familiar with the technical architecture and the project needs. You will be mentored and supported by more experienced team members. 


We are mainly looking for full-time collaborations. Though we are open to remote work, we would prefer to work together from our offices in Thessaloniki. The office atmosphere is one of our big competitive advantages, we would be glad to share it with you. Our experience also shows it is more efficient to share experience and skills from up close. 

We are currently also open to more limited availability, either part time or a set amount of hours per week. Alternatively, we can work together on a per-project basis if this is mutually agreed.


Point Blank is a horizontal collaborative company placing priority on our people. We want happy collaborators next to us. Each opinion counts, decisions are made by each and every one of us, we stand by each other. 

We strive for a quality day-to-day work experience without stress or tension. We do not impose, instead we develop solutions together. Whenever someone's work load increases, the whole team helps to balance things out. 

We respect our personal time. We do not work overtime. We are generous with holidays and leave time. 

Our rates are competitive.

Interested? Let's talk.

Send us a message to jobs@pointblank.gr, telling us a few things about yourself. We will get in contact with you very soon.