Point Blank on Ode to Code

On Wednesday 11th June, the official presentation of publication entitled Ode to the Code took place at Apodec. Ode to The Code is an original edition of 112 pages, that was made real with the contribution of 43 creative agencies and graphic designers of Thessaloniki, who have illustrated a number of known and less known codes: Code Braille, Binary code, Periodic Table, Morse Signals, Road Signs, Sign Language, Smoke Signals, Punctuation code, Barcode... 

An idea inspired by George Mantzouranidis and implemented with the excellent editorial care of KEThEA Shape & Color print shop. The purpose of the publication is the economic support of the Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals, Kethea Ithaca, on the occasion of completing 30 years of operation. 

Snapshot from the official presentation of the publication, at Apodec (photo: George Manos / cre8ive studios)

The decision of who is going to illustrate which code has been made at the Kethea headquarters, last fall. The invited designers and creative agencies have been all gathered in a circle, with a glass jar in the middle containing folded papers with all the codes to be illustrated. The draw revealed the Religion Symbols code for Point Blank.

The idea for the Religion Symbols illustration was immediate and based on the following question: Which is the modern universal religion? Or else, which is the religion of religions?  The consubstantial trinity: Economy, Money, Development. Using the 5th color (Pantone 812u) of the publication, we have proceeded in a rigorous exposition of the religious symbols of the Economy. The illustration was completed with the addition of an explanatory text in order to clarify any confusion caused by the apparent mismatch between the code subject and the image finally produced.  

The “Ode to the Code” publication was officially released on Monday the 26th May at KETHEART (4 Pindou Street, Morichovou square at Ladadika area in Thessaloniki), while it is also available in a wide bookshop network and other selling points at a price of 20€. Alternatively, you can purchase it with Cash on Delivery from any area in Greece by sending an e-mail at info@kethea-print.gr