Richard Stallman in Thessaloniki

On June 1st, the founder of the open sourve movement and the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman, will be in Thessaloniki for a talk titled "Free Software in Ethics and in Practice". The talk will be given in the Science Center and Technology Museum "NOESIS", at the 6th klm Thessaloniki-Thermi, at 6pm.

We would also like to inform that mr. Stallman will also be speaking in Athens on the 28th of March, in the Fine Arts School at 6pm. The talk in Athens is titled "Intellectual Property Against the Community".

Richard Stallman is well-known in the open source communities, beginning in 1984 an endeavour to create an open operating system that anyone could use, modify and distribute freely. Thus began the GNU project, that would later (with the assistance of Linus Torvals) develop into the Linux Operating System.

Since the middle of the nineties, Stallman promotes the use of free software, goes against patents in software development and against the expansion of copyright laws in programming, lecturing around the world. For many, he is one of the most emblematic fugures of the open source movement.

Point Blank will be there! For more information contact the Association of Greek Users and Friends of FS/OSS, or via email at