We Hunters: Interactive Communication for Young Cavemen

The fifth volume of the International Journal of Arts and Technology publishes the scientific paper titled "We hunters: interactive communication for young cavemen" by Stelios Kourakis, Çakir Aker και Narcís Parés. 

The paper deals with the interactive installation "We Hunters", which resides in the Museum of Interpretation of Prehistoric Paintings in the city of Ulldecona, Spain. In the 22 pages of the paper we present the installation, which allows children to experience and learn the hunting strategies of prehistoric men, based on cave paintings from 6000 BC. 

The installation is based on a vertical giant touch screen that allows interaction through a carefully selected set of physical gestures. These allow for a natural interaction while at the same time offering ample space for experimentation. The paper analyses our technical approximation, the programming of the various autonomous agents, the touch technology that was developed as well as the comprehensive evaluation method analysing the educational results of the application.

Υou can get access to the paper via the Inderscience website.