Orestis Kourakis Photography

Packaging and Brand Idendity Design


Orestis Kourakis is a professional photographer specialized in archaeological photography and specifically in the photographic designation of archaeological exhibits. Orestis Kourakis instructed Point Blank to design the logo, corporate identity and a package for the delivery of his photographic material.

The logo is based on the initials of its name, "O" and "K". The design is inspired by basic geometric shapes. For the packaging, we attempted to pair the material deliverable with the photographer's logo. In this effort, we ended up designing a box containing the DVDs of the photo files together with their cases, using the logo itself in the box closure. For the manufacture of the box and the cases, we ended up in the use of laminated black special paper, black-hot printing and a white print with the silk-screen method.




Orestis Kourakis