1st Learning Drupal Seminar in Drama city

Drupal Σεμινάριο στη Δράμα

Yesterday we completed the 1st learning Drupal seminar in Drama, a city of Northern Greece. The initiative for the seminar belongs to the Association of Computer Professors of Drama prefecture and the presentation of the seminar to Point Blank.

The turnout was more than satisfactory and the room we had available at the 3rd Lyceum of Drama with just 11 computers was insufficient for our numbers. So, unfortunately, we had to have two participants per computer so we kept order of priority.

Within the 3 hours we had available we started with an introduction to Drupal. What is is, who uses it, it's community and it's advantages and disadvantages.

Then we set up a web server locally on each machine and proceeded to install Drupal 7. With drupal installed we started to create content aiming to create a blog. Through this process we talked about nodes / blocks and menus. At the end of the first day we managed from a fresh Drupal install to create this page:

Σεμινάριο εκμάθησης Drupal - To drupal blog μας! 

In the next seminar we will go into further detail about Drupal's themes and we will start to download and install modules, aiming to make our blog more usable and friendly.


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