Event Review: LUDUS Days on Serious Games

Point Blank participated with two presentations in the event LUDUS Days on Serious Games (4-7 October 2012). The event aimed to bring together professionals and interested parties in the sector of Serious Games, presenting a full overview of the sector's potential and perspectives, while at the same time offering a wide range of presentations by qualified professionals. 

Kam Star from PlayGen

Keynote speakers to the event were Kam Star from PlayGen (UK) and Valérie Boudier from KTM Advance (France), who presented the european reality in the field as well as showcasing some of their excellent work. Their experience sheds light onto the impressive benefits of Serious Games applications in education and culture, while at the same time highlighting the contribution of gamification in sectors that were traditionally set apart from similar mechanics.  

Valerie Boudier from KMT Advance

On the greek front, Irene Xenaki from zoo.gr presented a promising situation in the casual / browser games field, making clear that the public demands quality entertainment online. A panel of educators debated the issue of serious games in public education, presenting a rather dismal picture of the present situation while at the same time outlining the major benefits that serious games bring to education. We also had a chance to review the Synergy Simulation Engine, an executive educational software, that was available for a hands-on playtest.  

Stelios Kourakis from Point Blank

On our part, we participated in the event with two presentations. The first one, entitled "Gamify Content - How to effectively integrate fun and engagement in training, education and other non-game contexts" explains the notion of Gamification as well as the mechanics available. You can watch the presentation online at the end of this post. Our second presentation was part of the round table on the topic "Share your story: Successful cases of game development companies", where we presented our company's history and our evolution in this sector.  

We would like to extend our thanks to the event organisers for an excellent event! We were pleasantly surprised by the public's interest on the field while we had the chance to participate in several engaging discussions alongside the scheduled presentations. 

For more information on the event as well as links to most of the published presentations, visit the event's website

For those interested, here is our Gamification presentation.   


Gamify Content: How to effectively integrate fun and engagement in training, education and other non-game contexts