Point Blank in the CREATIVE WALK!

On the weekend of December 15-16, Point Blank will open its doors to welcome the participants of the CREATIVE WALK

What is the CREATIVE WALK;

It is one of the activities of CREATIVITY FOR.TH. and is being organized for the first time in Thessaloniki. The CREATIVE WALK initiative invites the public of Thessaloniki to visit more than 60 creative destinations, studios, workshops, creative agencies, spaces for creative expression as well as related businesses located in the old trade center of Thessaloniki.

The various locations will be open to the public from 12:00 at noon until 20:00 in the evening, giving an opportunity to get in touch with the creators, their workspaces as well as their projects.  

Point Blank's team, having been selected as one of the creative destinations of the CREATIVE WALK will be ready to welcome you in our space this weekend, in order to present our work, discuss with you and reply to all your questions.

For more information: www.facebook.com/Creativityfor.th